Published Essays

Backcountry Travel 
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Outside The Comfort Zone July 2008

Notes From A Novice Search Navigator [1600 words]

(Published in Northword, April/May 2009)


Really Getting Out There June 1991

What draws us to danger, and why is it so misunderstood? [1000 words]

(Published in Backpackers News, November 2003 )

Eight Trees November 1990

A profile of the inhabitants of one remote, sandy canyon. [1000 words]

(Published in the NOLS Newsletter, February 1992)

Speaking To The Blind November 1990

Creating the story-level of a journey. [2500 words]

(Published in Pathways, Spring 2000)

Briefing For Entry Into A More Harsh Environment August 1989

Continuing to live your life in the basic spirit of wilderness travel. [1000 words] [background notes]

(Published in the 1998 NOLS Leadership Education Toolbox; The Core, Fall 1998)

Repeating What The Deer Have Said March 1989

Time was when a person could make poetry just by walking. [1300 words]

(Published in Camas, Winter 1994-95)

Outdoor Adventure Education 
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Why I Do What I Do March 1990

Reflections of an adventure educator. [1000 words]

(Published in Holistic Living, March 1992; Pathways, March 1999)

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Other Notable Achievements

First Annual Hudson Bay Mountain Storytelling Festival, Smithers, BC, 2003

Selected Delegate
British Columbia Festival Of The Arts 2001, Nelson, BC
Selected for non-fiction mentored workshop on essays.

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